Direct Marketing

There Are Eyes To Be Reached Outside Of The Internet

Don't be fooled into thinking that everyone is online,  all the time. There is still a wealth of customers right around the corner. Even among the most dedicated online users,  they also still look outside of the computer too! Once we understand your goals, we can advise you if any of the traditional approaches have been effective recently for your specific industry.

Depending on your particular business, at times it can be advantageous to reach a target population using some of the tried and true marketing solutions to supplement your Internet marketing efforts. We would be happy to share our statistics that track what works and what doesn't with traditional methods.

Postcards, paper coupons, flyers, brochures and other print materials can bring a lot of value. The return on investment is easy to track as well. We start with a small sample, test to see if it is effective, then mutually decide if the benefit is worth the effort. In addition, we can design materials aimed at your existing customers such as coupons for future services, referral program, surveys, other cross-sell services, etc.