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  • Responsive Tech is owned, operated, and built by the same people that originally started the company back in 2002
  • Many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years
  • We offer you the latest technologies, yet practice our business the "good old fashioned way"
  • No up-front fees. No minimum terms. No long term commitments. If you like our services, you'll keep us
  • We are staffed by highly technical professionals with backgrounds in Engineering, Computer Science, Business and Marketing
  • Feel free to meet and speak with the people actually doing your work. Our clients appreciate this kind of experience. You will too.
  • We know each and every one of our clients. We visit. We listen.
  • In a world full of Do'ers and Talker's, we tend to be Do'ers
  • In business for over 15 years providing customized website design and marketing solutions
  • Staffed by professionals with advanced degrees in the field
  • Customizable solutions designed for your specific needs, and only what you need
  • We are based locally. Near you! And we are available to come to you
  • Free consultation and evaluation

Significant Events in Internet History

1969 - Internet was invented by the US Defense Research at that time known as ARPA, and was originally called ARPAnet. Its primary goal was to allow communication during times of war in the event that the telephone system was disabled.

1991 - The World Wide Web becomes more available to the public.

1994 - The first common use search engine, WebCrawler, was invented and media sites began to appear.

1996 - Google!

1996 - Pay Per Click was created by the San Diego firm Double Click, later bought out by Google.

1997 - Internet gains popularity for commercial use among larger corporations and organizations.

1998 - Blogs were created for non-technical users as an internet publishing tool.

2002 - Responsive Tech was founded

- Small business interest in internet solutions grows significantly, due to falling software infrastructure costs and better software tools.

2003 - Google AdWords Launched - the first system that marketers could use to generate ads based on user's internet searches

2004 - Google goes public, focusing on accurate information searching, and proceeds to take over the lead in fast & easy information access.

2006 - Social Media surges as a preferred method of 'spreading the word'. Businesses are still slow to adopt strategies to take advantage of social media sites.

2010 - Changes become more frequent in Search Strategies. Emphasis on 'staying ahead of the curve'

2014 - Major algorithm updates by Google, mandating new rules for 'getting on the first page of Google'. The resilient and nimble website providers thrive.

2016 - For the first time, the number for searches done by shoppers using mobile devices exceeds number of searches done from a computer.